About Miracle Mushrooms

The “Magic” of mushrooms has captured the imagination of many generations. What has been elusive and mysterious years ago has now become an art to cultivate. Essentially mirroring what happens in nature we have taken a huge leap of faith doing this in our home town of Alberton.

Youngest brother in the family Ryno has shown some exceptional talent in bringing mushrooms to life.

Building on that Miracle Mushrooms was born as a family business. Most South Africans only know “Button Mushrooms” Essentially the white capped known as button, brown capped called Portobello & Portobellini and the big “Black Mushrooms” are all from one family – Agaricus Bisporus. The only difference is the age / stage of the mushroom, White Button being least mature and Black Mushroom being most. There is a flavour difference in between these stages but not as significant as eating different varieties of exotic mushrooms whether they are wild or cultivated.

A major difference in that of the 100 plus varieties that can be cultivated by us is that none of them needs manure and most of them grow in light conditions not darkness. The substrate – “food” found in nature is replicated by using either straw and grasses or hard wood chips and shavings. The plastic bags that it is placed into acts as the “bark” of a fallen tree.

The mushrooms cultivated by us could just as well have been picked in a forest.

We hope that you will find as much pleasure in eating them as we do seeing them coming to life.

Bon Appetit!