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King Oyster Mushroom

(Scientific Name: Pleurotus eryngii) A variety of mushroom that grows in clusters developing a trumpet-like shape and appearance as a wild or cultivated mushroom. With a blunt cap above and a stout stem beneath, the King Oyster mushroom develops a thick, white flesh that is firm-textured and meaty from the base to the cap. Also [...]

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Shimeji Mushrooms

Shimeji mushrooms are native to Asia. There are different varieties of Shimeji mushrooms that are cultivated across the globe, however buna-shimeji is the most popularly cultivated mushroom. Different types of shimeji mushrooms are as follows Buna Shimeji Bunapi Shimeji Hatake Shimeji Shirotamgidake These types of mushrooms usually grow on elm, Oak or Beech trees. These [...]

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Meet Shiitake!

Lentinus edodes This mushroom is the second most widely cultivated mushroom in the world. It has been a popular food source in the cuisine of Asia for hundreds of years. Following recent improvements in cultivating techniques, it is rapidly becoming a favorite in markets and on dining tables. In addition, people can now grow it [...]

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Mad about Oyster Mushrooms

Knowledgable mushroom lovers all over the world wait until the fall of the year to pursue the robust oyster mushrooms that grow on trees in the wild. Shortly after the first rains of the season, the snow-gray petal-like beginnings of P. ostreatus can be found. The autumn forest is brightened with the delicate, young, translucent, [...]

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